Graduation Ceremony and Concert 2019 for Australian Guild of Music Education

Getting ready for the upcoming Melbourne Graduation Ceremony Concert for 2019, we are all excited at the Australian Guild of Music!

  • Certificates
  • Organize performances
  • Check Attending
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sound system
  • Gowns and caps
  • Programs

Okay, we are all set to go! Some pretty great performances are in this concert this year, we are buzzing with excitement! See you all Saturday the 25th at the University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus.

Adults: $22.00 Children: $12.00 Family: $47.00 ( Two Adults and Two or more children)

Pensioners: $13.00 Graduands: Admitted Free (On presentation of paperwork)

Australian Guild of Music & Education Ceremony and Concert 2019 Performances:

AGME’s Students:
– Benjamin Axiaq – Classical Guitar Solo
“El Vito” Jose de Azpiazu
– Jacob Evans – Pianoforte
“Nocturne Opus post.72 Nr.1” Fredderick Chopin

Cath Sullivan’s Students Ensemble NSW
Ava Whitten, Sierra Mancuso, – Violin
Sofia Von Der Hocht, Oliver Buikema.
“Danza Hellenica” Loreta Fin
“Crossing pirates Cove” Deborah Baker Monday
Greta Grybaitis’s student ACT
Kate Hodgson – Pianoforte
“Tears in Heaven” Will Jennings and Eric Clapton
Jan Skinner’s student NSW
Eva Vaccaro – Speech and Drama Australian Recital
“The Kangaroo” Lexie Griffiths

Jessie Filipovski – Electric Violin Stan Kornel, NSW
Accompanist – Andrea Harrison
“Roundtable Rival” Lindsey Stirling

Gabriel Palenzuela-Lim – Light Classical Piano Naomi Coulton, NSW
“Prelude in G Minor Opus.23 no. 5” Rachmaninov

Alessandro Vaccaro – Speech and Drama Humorous Recital Jan Skinner, NSW
“Davy Duff” Colin McNaughton

Angelina Filipovski – Singing Andrea Harrison, NSW
Accompanist – Andrea Harrison
“Evening” Alfred Miles

Jacqueline Styles – Singing, J Spahr/A Mansourian, NSW
Accompanist – Andrea Harrison
“Juliet Waltz” Gounod

Samuele Vaccaro – Speech and Drama Character Recital Jan Skinner, NSW
“Charlie Brown” Charles M Schultz

Harrison Whalan – Pianoforte Greta Grybaitis, ACT
“The Turkish Boogie” Wolfgang Armadeus Mozart, arranged by Harrison Whalan

Ray Dubber – Classical Singing Alanna Barnes, NSW
“Ideale” Francesco Paolo Tosti



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