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Does your local library ever have a book sale?

My library (City of Hobsons Bay in Melbourne’s western suburbs) has a book sale each month. I have found some wonderful items over the years, and most seem to be either $1.00 or $1.50!

As well as many classic and contemporary novels and children’s books, I have recently bought gems such as these:

  • The Penguin Book of Historic Speeches
  • Exploring Australian English
  • Oxford Modern Australian Usage
  • How Language Works, by David Crystal
  • The Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins
  • Complete major prose and plays of Ibsen
  • Seven Centuries of Poetry in English
  • Who’s Who in Twentieth-Century World Poetry

They sell items from all the library’s collections, including novels, plays, poetry, biographies, children’s books, foreign language dictionaries and books on all kinds of hobbies and sports.

Whilst buying online is the way people seem to purchase these days, it’s fun to go treasure hunting, and at the same time support your local library.


(The image above shows Annabelle Tan, Grade 1 Speech and Drama student of Jan Skinner)


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  1. Oh yes! It’s so good to find treasures in libraries, my brother has a book exchange shop in Wonthaggi called Ramalama Book exchange. He loves finding goodies at the libraries. I go to my local Recycling plant/tip to find books too!
    I love finding antique books, one of my passions is for the Rhyming children’s books. If you want some photos of them, just let me know 🙂

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