Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference 2019 Brisbane -University of Queensland

The Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference was launched in 1993 in Adelaide, and brings together pianists, teachers, students, scholars, piano enthusiasts and composers from all over Australia and beyond, every two years.

Announcing the Winners and Finalists of the APPC 2019 4MBS Composition Awards!

Adjudicators Dr Robert Davidson and Dr Eve Klein.

The award-winning composition and winner of the Hal Leonard Composition Award is Genesis by Ethan Loh.

The award-winning composition and winner of the Kawai Composition Award is Rondo by Catherine Likhuta.


The finalists of the the Hal Leonard Composition Award are:
Music Box and Sad Waltz by Jasmine Lai (Special mention from the adjudicator)
A New Beginning by Larissa Chan
Nightfall by Sammi Chih

The finalists of the Kawai Composition Award are:
Prelude and Fugue by Benjamin Nicholls (Special mention from the adjudicator)
Cracticus torquatus by William Elvin
Gemini by Leila Harris
A Hidden Dream in the Landscape by Kevin Wang

Thanks for the generous support and encouragement from 4MBS Classic FM, Hal Leonard and Kawai. Thank you to Dr Katie Zhukov (APPC 2019 Chair), Heidi Chan (APPC 2019 Young Composer Awards Co-ordinator), the APPC Organising Committee, and the recital assistants for volunteering their time and effort to make this a reality.

The Finale Concert was recorded by 4MBS Classic FM. For those who missed the concert on July 12 at the University of Queensland, will have a chance to listen to these new works.

Join APPC’s facebook page to see and listen to Blackrock’s Music store interviews with some of the Piano leaders and composers at the APPC2019.

The 2021 APPC has been announced for WA Perth, more details to come. This is an experience every Piano teacher should not miss! I learnt a great deal from the lectures, examples and discussions with Pianists. The recital concerts were magnificent and truly inspiring. I bought composition books from the Composers through Wirrapang, a publisher for the home team and had the delight to have my copies autographed by these amazingly talented Composers!

I’ve been playing the CD which came with one of the Volumes by Dr.Katie Zhukov, I missed the first Vollume of a collection of Australian Women Composers, that sold out very quickly after a recital by Dr. Katie Zhukov.

I was in awe meeting these lovely talented women, I was so star struck. They were the warmest and most considerate ladies, I had lovely conversations and beautiful encouragements given to me by Ann Carr-Boyd, Jocelyn E Kotchie, and Joanne Burrows.


Credits: Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology -Volume II, Grade 5 Diploma 16 piano songs by: Vivien Arnold, Jennifer Trynes, Karlin G Love, Jane Hammond, Learne Faint, Jane Andino, Betty Beath, Nicole Murphy,Amanda Handel, Keyna Wilkins, Louise Denson, Ann Carr-Boyd, Joanne Burrows, May Howlett, Diana Blom and Jocelyn E Kotchie.

Australian Women Composers’ Piano Anthology Volume I


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