2020 planning: Drama and Speech in schools

A message for primary and secondary Drama teachers:

Are you thinking about a new teaching approach for 2020? If so, please consider the AGME’s Speech syllabi for groups.

We have two syllabi designed for primary and secondary drama and/or speech students. These courses could provide you with the fresh subject content you’ve been looking for.

Spoken Language Development for Class or Group (Syllabus 6):

  • course content includes individual readings and talks, and group mimes, drama and improvisations
  • graded by school year level (Year 3 through to Year 10)
  • groups may be from 2–6 candidates
  • all candidates receive individual assessment sheets, together with a group mark for the drama and discussion segments of the examinations

Choral Speaking for Class or Group (Syllabus 7):

  • course content includes practical speech exercises and choral speaking
  • graded by school year level (Prep – Year 2, through to Year 10)
  • choirs must have a minimum of four students
  • class certificates are issued to successful choirs

If you have any questions please contact our Speech Convenor:
Jan Skinner
02 6021-4088
[email protected]

Click here to download the AGME Speech Groups Syllabus:


(The image above shows Lillyanne Tan, Speech and Drama student of Jan Skinner)


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