Graduation Ceremony and Concert 2018 for Australian Guild of Music Education

Getting ready for the upcoming Melbourne Graduation Ceremony Concert, we are all excited at the Australian Guild of Music!

  • Certificates
  • Organize performances
  • Check Attending
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Musical Instruments
  • Sound system
  • Gowns and caps
  • Programs

Okay we are all set to go! Some pretty great performances are in this concert this year, we are buzzing with excitement! See you all tomorrow at the University of Melbourne Hawthorn Campus.


Australian Guild of Music & Education Ceremony and Concert 2018 Performances: Caleb Garfinkel ~ Norah Jones – “Don’t Know Why” on guitar. Peter Sheehan & Davis Takagi ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber – ” Music of the Night” on Violin and Vocal. Kate Hodgson & Harrison Whalan ~ Gabriel Morel – “Norwegian Cradle Song” – Pianoforte Duet. Kevin Read & Russ Read ~ Rogers & Hammerstein – “My Favorite Things” Christopher Norton – “Latin Prelude VII – Mambo” on Piano and Double Bass Duet. Rochelle Natoli ~ Jessie J – “Who You Are” with Jessica Spahr and Accompanist Andrea Harrison. Daniel Langdon ~ David Hicken – “Incantation” on Piano. Christina Adam ~ Fabrizio Paterlini/Ludovico Einaudi – “soffia La Notte/Nuvole Bianchi”. James Haydon & Catherine ~ Haydon Mozart – “A Little Mozart” Pianoforte Duet. Jessie Filipovski ~ Lindsey Stirling – “Ascendance” on Electric Violin. Isaac Walters ~Klaus Badelt Arranged by Jarrod Radnich – Pirates of the Caribbean ~An original Medley” on Pianoforte. Congratulations for the Class of 2017! Public Examiner ~ Catherine Haydon Bachelor of Music ~ Jack Barrile, Renay Broad and Shannon Brown Music Proficiency Certificates ~ Kate Hodgson, Isaac Walters, Harrison Whalan, Alexander Kwan. Music Associate Diploma ~ Peter Sheehan. Music A Mus Recital Diploma ~ Nicholas Godfrey Music L Mus Recital Diploma ~ Daniel Langdon One of the most Comprehensive music & speech education providers in Australia.


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