Loss of one of the Great Founders – Dr Ivan Holmes

The Australian Guild of Music Education have lost a much loved co-founder and president Dr Ivan Holmes, last Wednesday 14th of March 2018 and heaven has gained another angel.

The Guild will miss him greatly and would appreciate if your reading this you could notify any of his previous students and colleagues of his passing.

Dr Holmes was one of the co-founders of the Guild who created many of its syllabi and piano books. He taught many professional students who with Ivan’s push have become great musicians today.

He certainly knew when we had/hadn’t practised as we could never pull the wool over his eyes.
We heard many of our pianists sing praises of his methods of teaching, with many more students requesting if he was still teaching after he retired as they wished he could be their teacher.

He helped Olive Knoop with the first renovation at the Kooyong campus, lectured in the VET and Higher Education courses plus did a Doctorate at the age of 90.

He was also supportive of many of the improvements to the Guild today.

He donated his baby grand piano plus many books and scores to its student resources plus a lot of his free time.

For the years that I have worked with Ivan he had a big heart and showed kindness, love, compassion, drive, honesty, devotion, strength in his beliefs, a firm stance when it was needed, passion, and so many more skills to admire and aim for in one’s personal growth. He was an inspiration to many students, upcoming teachers and professional musicians which, mentored many more teachers to become better teachers today.

His devotion to the development and ongoing progress for the Guild is appreciated and he will be missed by many.

He loved his wife and children with the same passion he had for music and was a devoted husband and Father.


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