The Alexander Technique Lecture with Jeremy Woolhouse

Jeremy Woolhouse was organised by Leonie Wobking a Performance Lecturer at the AGME, to come to the Guild to give a lecture for our students this Wednesday about using the Alexander Technique, the lesson is a back and neck saving reminder. Being mindful of our stances when playing instruments for long hours daily, which can cause long term pain.  Jeremy showed our students how they can best reduce and prevent some of the damaging positions a musician can develop over time. Each student performed how they would normally and new methods were explored that will prove beneficial for their bodies well being.

Woolhouse is a pianist, composer, and teacher of Alexander Technique practicing in Melbourne, Australia. He has been using the Technique as a professional performer and piano teacher since 1998.

A music graduate of the VCA, Jeremy went on to complete a four year intensive teacher training at the School of FM Alexander Studies.  He has maintained a private Alexander teaching practice since 2006.

Jeremy is experienced in applying Alexander Technique to a range of conditions and professional applications.  He has particular expertise in working with musicians and performing artists, and interest in issues such as RSI, back pain and neck pain.  He is keen on his students achieving independence, sustained wellbeing and inspired performance. Jeremy’s lessons are a structured explorational approach, both progressive and fun!

Jeremy is registered with the Australian Society of Alexander Technique (AUSTAT), Alexander Technique International (ATI) and Alexander Technique Education (ATE) as a fully qualified teacher of Alexander Technique.


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