How to set up an Expo Booth for Music Courses!

A quick guide in setting up for a successful EXPO EVENT. Function: Careers Expo Event at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre over 3 days with 16,000 admissions. What to take and what is necessary to make it a successful event for our targeted audience.

*Posters *Brochures *Merchandise gifts *Activities (Instruments) *Signup clipboards *Lights *Laptop with Speakers

*Preparation Time 2-4months for Printing, Designing & overseas Delivery times of Merch

Posters need to include photos & what you offer. Brochures to hand out, that includes more information about your courses & who you are. Merchandise gifts with links to your online website, and information about your Open Day. Make them interesting.

Have teaching tools to help with speaking to new people about their possible career choice in Music. It is made easier with fun activities that help break the ice.

CHECKLIST *Electronic Keyboard with audio effects for easy use. *Light up Drum pad with an Amplifier & Drumsticks (light up Rockstix with FX effects). * Wireless Microphones for Karaoke fun. *Musical Instruments: Guitar, Bongo drums, tambourine, recorders, shakers etc. *Laptop with Powerpoint slideshows, movies, and examples. *Safety pins, velcro stickers, tape, scissors, extension cords, power boards & chargers. *Pamphlet & Merch Holders. *Posters, Banners, Tablecloth, chairs & Music Instrument stands, thermos & snacks.

Merchandise Choice: Slap Bands Pens/Pencils Bookmarks Keyrings Lanyards Foam Balls Balloons Business Cards Fridge magnets Rulers Erasers Earphones Thumb Drives Lollies Plectrums T-Shirts Baseball caps


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