PowerPoint and Public Speaking

Did you know that the AGME has a public speaking syllabus incorporating the creation and delivery of PowerPoint presentations?

PowerPoint and public speaking have come together in our latest Speech syllabus Business Presentations.

  • This course is designed to meet the needs of business people who are required to present information professionally to others, both with and without the assistance of electronic presentations.
  • It provides comprehensive training in both public speaking and the creation and delivery of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Opportunities for both serious and light-hearted approaches are built into the course content. Prepared talks, speeches and presentations range from introducing yourself at a new workplace, to delivering instructions or procedures to colleagues, sales presentations to clients, and persuasive presentations to colleagues and/or management.
  • Candidates select from topics such as these for prepared talks, speeches and presentations: planning, leadership, mentorship, performance evaluation, innovation, project management, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, negotiation.
  • The opportunity to build skills in impromptu and creative speaking is also a course component. Activities range from reading aloud an article from a business magazine, newspaper or website, and then delivering a short talk on the subject matter of the article, to presenting a congratulatory speech, a farewell speech or introducing a new member of staff.

The qualification of Associate Diploma Business Presentations is awarded to successful Diploma candidates.

At this link you will find the AGME Business Presentations syllabus:



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