Attention Drama Teachers – Primary and Secondary

Are you looking for a new teaching approach, maybe something different for 2019? Would you like to challenge your students and have them assessed in groups?

You may like to consider the AGME’s Speech syllabi no 6 and 7, which have been specifically designed for drama and/or speech students in primary and secondary school settings. One or both of these syllabi could provide the fresh subject content and new approach that you’ve been looking for.

Spoken Language Development for Class or Group (Syllabus 6):

  • course content includes individual readings and talks, and group mimes, drama and improvisations
  • graded by school year level (Year 3 through to Year 10)
  • groups may be from 2–6 candidates
  • all candidates receive individual assessment sheets, together with a group mark for the drama and discussion segments of the examinations

Choral Speaking for Class or Group (Syllabus 7):

  • course content includes practical speech exercises and choral speaking
  • graded by school year level (Prep – Year 2, through to Year 10)
  • choirs must have a minimum of four students
  • class certificates are issued to successful choirs

Please click here to download the AGME Speech Groups Syllabus:


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