Open Day at the Campus FEBRUARY 11th

Explore! Discover! Participate! Perform! Play! Create!

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Come discover how our campus holds such big possibilities for your future career in Music!

2019 February 11th 10am to 3pm

451 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong 3144 Victoria



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  1. Ruth Anne Trytell February 9, 2019 at 11:48 am · · Reply

    I’m interested ,in attending the Open day on the 11 Th February.
    What workshops are on, is there a cost ???
    Am I able to see the program of what is going to be offered on the day ..
    Thanking you Ruth Trytell.

    P.S I am a Primary school, casual relief teacher who is often asked to cover Music Classes.
    As well as someone who is thinking of taking up the piano again ..Thank you xxx

    • Hi Ruth,
      I’m sorry that you have missed our lovely Open Day on the 11th. I’ve only just seen this comment. Please come to visit any day you have available, our staff are more than willing to talk to you.

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