About Us

About Us

The AGME was founded in 1969 and has been a leading education and examining body in Australia for over 45 years.

The Australian Guild of Music and Speech Education System can be broadly divided into three sections:

  1. Public Exams
  2. VET Courses
  3. Higher Education Course
  • Public Examinations for music and speech/drama students from introductory to advanced
  • Certificate II to III for music industry employment
  • Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma for professional musicians, music teachers and degree preparation.
  • Bachelor of Music for professional musicians and music teachers.


The Guild logo was designed in 1960 by the founder of the organisation, Gordon Blake (1921 – 1998).

It was adopted as the official logo in 1969. The design reflects the English origin of the public music examination system which commenced in that country in the 19th century. During the last three decades of that period, the system was introduced into Australia.

The overall Heraldic design of the Shield is intentionally symbolic of the pomp, ceremony and ignorance of the Middle and subsequent Ages. The arms represent the London Guild from where the Australian Guild originated, consisting of a silver shield bearing a red cross with a red upright sword in the first quarter. They combine the emblems of the patron saints of England and London: the Cross of St George with the symbol of the martyrdom of Saint Paul.  Overall, the Cross of St George divides the whole Shield into four symbolic sections, which, from left to right are:-

Southern Cross. (Australia); The Harp. – Universal Music.
Cross of St.George. – Chivalry. Honour; Speech, Drama and the Arts. – Theatre.

The motto at the bottom of the Shield is Concordia et Fidelitus which signifies Harmony and Fidelity. It is upon these concepts that the Guild has been built.

Meet our Team

Bernadette Norton - CEO, MTEC. & Bus. Man. Coordinator & Lecturer, Vocal TutorCEO, MTEC. & Bus. Man. Coordinator & Lecturer, Vocal Tutor
Dr Ern Knoop - Dean VET CoursesDean VET Courses
Dr Matthew Field - HEC Chair member, Musicianship LecturerHEC Chair member, Musicianship Lecturer
Dr Houston Dunleavy - Academic Director, History of Music Coordinator and LecturerAcademic Director, History of Music Coordinator and Lecturer
Leonie Wobking - VET & Performance Lecturer/Piano TutorVET & Performance Lecturer/Piano Tutor

Leonie Wobking

Lecturer: Music Performance and Collaborative Music Studies.

Dr. Mark Gasser

Caleb Garfinkel - Composition & Ensemble Coordinator & Lecturer, Guitar tutorComposition & Ensemble Coordinator & Lecturer, Guitar tutor
Tia Hutajulu - Receptionist, Administrator for public exams, Book keeperReceptionist, Administrator for public exams, Book keeper
Yolanda Acker - Higher Education AdministratorHigher Education Administrator
Vanessa Trendle - Personal Assistant/Web Editor Public ConsultantPersonal Assistant/Web Editor Public Consultant

Vanessa Trendle

About The Australian Guild of Music Education  

The Australian Guild of Music Education is one of the leading Tertiary and Music examining bodies in Australia.  The AGME conducts music exams in 7 countries world wide as well as in multiple locations around Australia.
Our comprehensive music education system allows students to gain a Bachelor of Music.   Read More ….

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