Bachelor of Music

Course Overview


  • 3 Years full time / 6 Years part time
  • Campus at AGME, 451 Glenferrie Rd, Kooyong, Melbourne
  • Face-to-Face and Online/Distance mode available
  • Available to domestic students only
  • FEE-HELP available for domestic students
  • Maximum time to complete: 10 years from the time of enrolment
  • Contact hours (first year, fulltime): Approximately 40 hours per week, including independent study and rehearsal time
  • Course Requirements: Students are required to successfully complete 300 credit points to be eligible for graduation
  • Units: All units are core in the first and second year, with an elective capstone choice in the third year. This capstone area constitutes a major/specialisation within the Bachelor of Music.
  • Admission: AGME’s approach to admission is set out in our Admissions and Entry Requirements Policy. A range of admission and entry pathways are available to prospective students.
  • Attending students: 10 hours on-campus study per week
  • Distance students:  8 hours online study per week
  • Weekly private study hours: 30 – 32 hours
  • Weeks per year: 26 weeks
  • Annual hours: 800 hours
  • Total course duration: 2400 hours


We deliver live lectures which are recorded through live video streaming. Students can attend the Kooyong Melbourne campus (compulsory for students within the 40km radius) or enrol as a distance student. All students have access to live lectures plus a huge range of pre-recorded videos.

All students have access to ELEARNING materials such as:

  • Forums
  • Chat sessions
  • Video material
  • Ebooks
  • Assignment guides
  • Surveys
  • Essay help
  • Online Library
  • Noteflight, Soundation, Ear Master Pro, Sight Reading Factory
  • Study schedules etc.

 Course Structure

Year 11Musicianship 101Music Performance 101History of Music 101Music Technology 101
2Musicianship 102Music Performance 102Composition 101Collaborative Music Studies 101
Year 21Musicianship 201Music Performance 201History of Music 201Music Technology 201
2Musicianship 202Music Performance 202Composition 201Collaborative Music Studies 201
Year 31Composition 301; orMusicianship 301Business Management 301History of Music 301
1Performance 301; or
1Music Technology 301
2Composition 302; orMusicianship 302Business Management 302Collaborative Music Studies 301
2Performance 302; or
2Music Technology 302


All lecturers are employed with the necessary qualifications. Depending on student intake lecturers may be increased each year, however there are four current permanent lecturers and a number of visiting lecturers. All students have access to lecture staff through ‘Message my Teacher’ emails, ‘Forums’ posts, ‘Chat sessions’, weekly discussions, and by appointment ‘In person’ or ‘Phone’.

Degree in Music

Units of Study

Students are to select their Capstone Elective Major (Performance, Composition or Music Technology)

Click on the links below for further information on units of study.

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