complete your music expertise​​

Already experienced or just want to learn more about specific topics? Complete individual units through our fully online certificate program.

Study from anywhere in the world. Single term units. Develop practical music skills for teaching and the music business. Credit counts towards bachelor degree. Cost-competitive.


Choose from any of the units from our course content, which covers the four core disciplines of music:

  • Musicianship

  • Performance & Teaching

  • Music as Culture

  • Modern Music Creation


discipline 1:

Theory & Aural
Harmony & Composition

Musicianship 101

Musicianship 102

Musicianship 201

Musicianship 202

Musicianship 301

Musicianship 302

discipline 2:


Theory & Teaching

Performance 101

Performance 102

Performance 201

Performance 202

Performance 301

Performance 302

Composition 301

Composition 302

Music Technology 301

Music Technology 302

discipline 3:


Music History
Collaborative Music

Music History 101

Collaborative Music 101

Music History 201

Collaborative Music 201

Music History 301

Collaborative Music 301

discipline 4:

Modern Music Creation

Technology & Composition

Music Technology 101

Composition 101

Music Technology 201

Composition 201

Business Admin 301

Business Admin 302

Fully accredited Australian course

Leading edge academic course, with a practical focus to equip you for teaching and business. Fully accredited by TEQSA and ASQA.

study anywhere in the world

Designed to be fully online so you can study from anywhere to fit with your schedule and needs. Use your local instrumental tutors.

competitive on cost

Because we are a not-for-profit, we price at similar rate as if you were a local student. Up to 60% lower than typical fees for private students.


Complete a Bachelor of Music over three years full-time. Or complete a one term Foundation or Advanced Diploma. Or individual units with our Certificate program. Do it full-time or part-time.

we recognise prior learning

Many of our students have their prior learning recognised, without need to redo units of study. We also supported accelerated mode to complete units more quickly.

instrumental tutors for you

You can select your preferred or existing instrumental tutors and be instructed in your preferred local language.

Study traditional instruments

We support your study of traditional instruments beyond the western paradigm, within our course framework.

world class elective content

Choose electives that are prepared, delivered and assessed by experts from Princeton, Stanford, CalArts and other world-class institutions.



Complete all course content over six terms in the Bachelor of Music degree. Three years, full-time study.


Complete a one term Foundation Diploma or Advanced Diploma. All study counts towards bachelor degree credit. We also have a one year Graduate Diploma, equivalent to an honours year.


We've designed for online learning from the start: lectures, assignments, resources, electives, performances & recitals are delivered online. We use pre-prepared content and LIVE-Online, real-time teaching. 

Filming a Music Video

PERFORMANCE at the core of our degree


We're the only accredited degree to teach performance fully online. You will have:

  • Weekly one-on-one study lessons on your instrument

  • Participation in masterclasses from national & international visiting artists

  • Weekly performance seminar covering all aspects of performance & practice methods

  • Weekly performance forum to refine performing skills, stagecraft & musical voice with your peers

international students

We accept students from all countries & backgrounds. You'll need to meet required audition & academic standards. And have an IELTS score of band 6.0 (5.5 considered with extra assessment). Your instrumental tuition can be delivered in person in your home country or by LIVE-Online real-time teaching.

up to 50% recognition of prior learning


If you've done previous studies, we can assess them and recognise up to 50% of your degree as complete, on the basis of your previous academic and professional work. You don't need to pay for subjects you've already completed. Please ask about RPL. Assessments are made on an individual basis with strict but fair criteria.

term Dates


MAY 2021

  • May 17: Orientation Week

  • May 24: Classes Start

AUG 2021

  • Aug 30: Orientation Week

  • Sep 6: Classes Start