Certificate II, III, IV in Music Industry

Diploma & Advanced Diploma in in Music Industry

Vocational Education and Training provided by The Guild includes

ASQA Accredited Certificates and Diplomas in Music Industry.

Available throughout Australia and worldwide.

Key Dates

Course Start Dates:

  • February 2021

Vocational Education Overview

The Guild offers a range of Certificates and Diplomas in Music Industry to prepare you for the demands of working musicians in today's performing industry, and for further study. Our Vocational Education and Training (VET) options are tailored to your Music Industry career plans, focusing on Performance; Composition and Song-Writing; and Sound Engineering and Producing.

Areas of Study

Studied units are associated with each other, enabling students to gain a wide range of skills at all levels which will open doors and opportunities across numerous areas of the music industry. 

  • Music Performance - Develop confidence performing in front of a live audience, developing your instrumental abilities and musicality.

  • Music Literacy - Complement your knowledge of the technical requirements of Music Performance and Composition with theoretical and aural training.

  • Composition - Use skills from Music Literacy and Performance to develop new works and songs, using computers music technology

  • Music Technology - Develop skills to record, engrave and perform music using live and studio equipment.

  • Information Management and Research - Develop a foundation of music history knowledge to broaden understanding and appreciation of music.

  • Learning and Development - Introduce and develop music teaching skills.

Which Course Is Right For Me?

Our VET Courses are specialised and developed to provide students with a relevant level of training and study intensity to their current or previous completed secondary school or equivalent education.

What is the right qualification for you?

  • Certificate II in Music Industry - Secondary School students Year 9-10, or mature age students with an introductory level of music industry experience.

  • Certificate III in Music Industry - Secondary School students Year 10-12, or mature age students with a developing level of music industry experience. 

  • Certificate IV in Music Industry - Secondary School students Year 11-12, or mature age students

  • Diploma in Music Industry - Mature aged individuals with suitable theoretical and technical knowledge in their chosen music industry field.

  • Advanced Diploma in Music Industry - Mature aged individuals who use wide-ranging analytical, technical, creative, conceptual and managerial skills in their chosen music industry field.

Eligibility & Entry Requirements

All of The Guild's courses can be delivered and assessed completely via distance learning; on campus; or a mixture of both.

To be eligible, students must have a completed Year 8 as a minimum for entry into a Cert II program and have the prerequisite instrumental experience.

Please enquire through the EOI form for specific requirements for your desired program.


For information about auditioning and applying for a VET course, please register your interest and we will be in touch.

Internationally Offered

We accept students from all countries and backgrounds providing the opportunity to study for a recognised Australian Qualification in your home country without the expense of international study or travel.

As long as you meet the required audition standard and have a TOEFL or IELT score of 577+, you can enrol you as an AGME student in a Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma.