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We are a provider of multifaceted music and speech education headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

​Since 1969, we were founded as the Australian Guild of Music and Speech to address the specific needs of Australian-based teachers and students. From the start: connecting students and teachers across great distances has been at the forefront of the Guild's operations.

1986: we were renamed the Australian Guild of Music Education and registered as a not-for-profit. (Australian Guild of Music and Speech continues to be used by our partners in Malaysia and South East Asia and remains registered to the Guild).

2012: we became a DGR Registered Charity. This celebrated our philosophy and core values of making arts education accessible to all and allowed the organisation to receive tax deductible donations, in order to support vulnerable and disadvantaged students.

2017: we were granted the highest level of accreditation by TEQSA, the higher education regulatory agency.

As a national and international provider of education, AGME’s staff are from around the world. Core staff are based in Melbourne with administrative and academic team located around Australia and Asia.

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To deliver world class music performance tuition to any state, territory or country through innovation, new technologies, and strong traditions


  • Embrace individuality and offer unparalleled flexibility of course design

  • Foster an ambience of mutual respect and artistic excellence

  • Balance cutting-edge technologies, best practice methodologies, and proven traditions  

  • Facilitate wide-ranging, industry ready, transferable skills: with real world application

  • Promote a culturally sensitive, vibrant learning environment which encourages individuality as well as joint ventures

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