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Modern Music

Certificate of creation 1&2
Certificate of composition 1&2


14 Weeks
1 Term Part Time
6 Levels available

May 30th 2022
September 19th 2022

(LIVE Online)
Distance Learning

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$990 AUD per unit
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The Modern Music Creation Certificates offers 4 different certificates based across the 2 major study areas of composition and creation through digital mediums and platforms.

Modern music creation Certificate- Level 1

  • “Explore different notational platforms to determine the best use for performance or professional publication while increasing knowledge of advanced data entry.

  • “MIDI” 101 will support students with knowledge on how to utilise and setup MIDI instruments in performance or use for data entry into professional notated publications.

  • This unit will develop student’s analytical, research, creative and communication skills.

  • Assessments and training of software and equipment will focus on applications and knowledge required in music industry related careers.



Weekly content includes coverage of topics such as notational software (Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore etc), Practical sessions and practice of these tools. Overview and historical development of MIDI and introduction to synthesizers and electronic music.


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Modern Music

Equips students with the fundamentals of technologies used in the 21st Century to create their own compositional expression and exploration. 

Includes: Music Technology, Composition, Music Business 

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As musicians we create all the time. Sometimes we dig a bit deeper and create new music, music that reflects from and draws on our own experiences. We Compose. In the digital age, the opportunities for creating the organised sounds of music has expanded exponentially. It has become faster and easier to put those thoughts into a communicable manner by using the technologies available to us. The Creative Process consists of Music Technology and Composition. These are taken in the first Four Terms of study with the option to Continue and Major in either Music Technology or Composition


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mode of delivery

Students are required to attend live online (timetabled) lectures and participate in tutorials as well as undertake self study online (un-timetabled) via resources provided. You will also have readings, exercises and assignments to do as well as an End of Term test and/or recital.


Your lectures are all pre-recorded. This lets you go at your own pace and watch the lecture or parts of it again if you need to. You can feel secure while you study that the content you need is at your finger tips and you can reach out to your lecturers and our professionals for further advice.

Tutorials give you the opportunity for interaction and to ask questions. This is done through LIVE-Online classrooms, pre-recorded tutorials or other forums where you submit questions, recordings or your other work. You get feedback from staff and at times, from other students

entry & admissions


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Recognition of Prior Learning:

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We can also assess this previous studies to determine the best level of study for you!

We also give recognition to a wide range of studies including Graded Public Exams e.g. AGME, IPVAEB, ABRSM, Trinity College London, vocational studies and other tertiary music studies.

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Caleb Garfinkel

Unit Coordinator Modern Music Creation

Joining AGME in 2017, Caleb is the Senior Lecturer in Music Technology & Composition. A composer, director and performer, he has an impressive live performance career including hit shows such as Come From Away. As a studio musician his work has featured on several releases, including supporting prominent performers.

Caleb is also involved in administrative student leadership. As Registrar he contributes to the Academic Board and strategic course direction. He has a Bachelor of Music (Performance, Honours), Master of Arts (Music Performance & Technology).


Dr Matthew field

Academic Dean

Matthew completed his Bachelor of Music in piano performance under Dr Mikhail Solovei. While studying his PhD through the University of Newcastle, he worked as a performer and educator. Matthew has previously worked at the Melba Conservatorium of Music, has run workshops in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and the USA and has guest lectured in Singapore. He teaches the Musicianship units for all year levels

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Simone maurer

Lecturer Musicianship & Performance


Simone tutors in performance and coordinates academic governance support across the organization. Her doctoral thesis examines the types of body movements, gestures, and postures that musicians make in performance, how musicians perceive their own movements, and the ways in which audiences understand non-verbal communication of performers. She has a Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Advanced Flute Performance, Master of Philosophy in Music Studies (Performance Studies), and is currently completing her Doctorate of Philosophy (Music Performance).

International Students

Our completely online delivery method means that our students can study with us from anywhere in the world! 

Students will need to meet required standards (as assessed by AGME team) and the best part is that students instrumental tuition can be delivered in person in your home country or by LIVE-Online real-time teaching.

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Looking for something else? Our Bachelor of Music is fully accredited and can be studied from anywhere in the world. Also see our wide range of pathway courses including our Foundation Diploma of Music, Diploma of Music and specialised Licentiate Courses. All our pathway study options can be used to apply for RPL for the Bachelor of Music and are online and flexible for students. 
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