Exam advantages

Why Use AGME Exams?

Exam Advantages

Our industry-leading examiners are well trained to handle your exam needs.
Cant make an exam sitting? Simply video the exam (in one take) and send it to us.
We have a huge range of exam syllabi designed to suit your students need whether it be Contemporary, Classical, Jazz etc.
All exam reports are professionally typed and sent to the relevant studios.
Award concerts for all levels are held in Melbourne and Brisbane to acknowledge student success.
There is no need to start from the beginning, the AGME recognizes your previous exam results.

About The Australian Guild of Music Education  

The Australian Guild of Music Education is one of the leading Tertiary and Music examining bodies in Australia.  The AGME conducts music exams in 7 countries world wide as well as in multiple locations around Australia.
Our comprehensive music education system allows students to gain a Bachelor of Music.   Read More ….

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