International Distance Learning

The Guild is the only higher education provider to offer a solely online 'Bachelor of Music - Performance' course with international accreditation of global significance.


From auditions through to examinations, you can complete your course  requirements from any state, territory or country (providing you meet our English language requirements) as a national or International student.

Our Staff

We employ the very best staff in the industry: from the leading symphony orchestras, to world class soloists, composers, contemporary performers and musicologists. It may also be possible to stay with an existing teacher if they are suitably qualified, or we can source a teacher from our global pool of performing excellence.

Online learning resources

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Dates for 2020 intake

The Australian Guild of Music Education is excited to announce that our auditions will be held on campus (as well as remotely for distance applicants) at 451 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong, VIC 3144 between xxxx and xxxx 2019 for our 2020 Bachelor Degree (B.Mus) intake.

For those applicants living within a reasonable travelling distance, it is strongly recommended that you attend in person as there is no substitute for a ‘live’ performance.


If you are living in a different state or territory, or based internationally and wish to study remotely, your audition will be arranged on the same dates via online streaming, to our selection panel.


You are required to perform two or three contrasting works of your own choice that best displays your ability, passion and potential for your chosen voice or instrument.


If you play more than one instrument (or sing as well as play an instrument) we can audition you on both.


If you are a composer please submit a portfolio demonstrating your compositional skills and creativity by the closing date.​

Advice for a successful audition
  • Try to choose works that contrast each other to showcase your talent and musicality 

  • It is not a prerequisite for you to perform from memory, although credit will be given for doing so

  • Please bring your own accompanist 

  • Backing tracks are permissible if it makes you feel more comfortable 

  • If you require an AGME professional accompanist, you will be put in touch before the audition date to discuss your repertoire and requirements 

  • You will be given ample rehearsal  / warm up time in a specially allocated room before your audition, where bottles of water and light refreshments will be provided 

  • Should you have any special access requirements, please make the AGME aware ahead of time and we will endeavour to fulfil your needs 

  • The maximum duration of your performance is 10-15 mins

  • The selection panel will conduct a brief interview after your performance to get to know you a little, as well as hearing of your ambitions and career aspirations 

  • If you are considering transferring from another HE provider please bring along evidence of RPL (recognised prior learning) and an academic transcript (where applicable) 

Technical information: contemporary auditions

Vocalists: you will not be required to use a microphone, although may do so if preferred 

Drummers: AGME has several professional drum kits, although you are welcome to bring your own. Ample set-up / warm up time will be allocated on your audition day

Bassists/guitarists: Please bring your own instrument or let us know if this is not possible in advance and an instrument will be provided. AGME has a significant collection of instruments including a double bass. You need not bring your own amplifiers although are welcome to do so if preferable 

Using backing tracks: these can be streamed to our Apple TV  / HomePod setup from any device ( via WiFi or Bluetooth) or you are welcome to bring your own equipment should you prefer to do so.​


​AGME offers a select number of scholarships to assist those applicants who clearly demonstrate ‘outstanding potential’ with their studies. A seperate scholarship application is not required.


The selection panel will notify those offered an AGME scholarship accordingly with their acceptance offer, having consulted with the AGME Academic Board of Directors and Madame Chairperson, Professor Catherine Falk.


The AGME reserves the right to not award any Scholarship(s) for the 2020 cohort should no applicant(s) be deemed the required standard for the award(s).

Application outcome

All applicants will be notified of their application outcome within one week of the audition date.


A formal letter of acceptance or rejection will be mailed to inform the candidate of the panels collective decision.


If the applicant has not met the prerequisite standard they may be offered an enrolment on a different course at AGME, invited to reapply the following year, or during the 2020 mid-year intake.

Can't attend the audition?

If you can’t attend the specific AGME audition dates (with a valid reason for not being able to do so) it may be possible to find an alternative.


However, this cannot be guaranteed as it is entirely dependent on the selection panels availability.


451 Glenferrie Road

Kooyong VIC 3144



tel: +61 3 9822 3111​

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