Public Music and Speech Exams

Public Music and Speech Examinations

Public Exams by AGME

The AGME provides an extensive range of exams designed to suit any performer. From Contemporary to Classical and everything in between there is sure to be an exam to suit your needs.

The AGMS was founded in 1969 as a continuation of the London Guild of Music and Speech (Australia). It is a non-profit, public education institution, constituted to provide professional and private teachers and students of Music and Speech (including Drama) with a responsive organization through a comprehensive set of syllabi throughout Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, and China with examinations that recognise excellence in the selected study, as well as providing supportive encouragement for teachers and all music and speech students and candidates.
Performance Stream: Concentrates on individuals and small groups (ensembles) who enjoy performing. The examinations recognize achievement in this area. Theory is minimized and all aspects of presentation and practical skill are emphasized.

Traditional Stream: Concentrates on the individual who desires to study all phases of music (including classical, jazz and modern). This stream has two integrated areas of study: Practical Music and Music Theory which may be studied separately (within a 3-year time scale). These studies provide the student with an approved basis for tertiary studies.

Speech and Drama: Directed at the individual who wishes to study all aspects of speech and drama. Provides a pathway for future teachers.

Communication and Public Speaking: Directed at improving the ability of the individual to communicate on a personal, group or public level. For school leavers, business or public speakers.

Spoken Language Development: Directed at small groups generally in schools. Group participation is emphasized as well as individual work. Reading and speaking to a group, group drama and discussion skills are covered.

Language and Choric Speaking: Directed at school classes with the aim of improving diction, clarity and rhythm of speech by performing spoken works as a choir. It also engenders a spirit of co-operation among the group members.

We Have the Best Teachers Ever

The AGME has many registered teachers who support their students through all the required technical work, pieces, general knowledge, sight reading, theory and aural development.

Find a teacher near you!

  • Qualified instrumental tutors
  • Qualified theory and aural tutors
  • Theory and Practical exams held twice a year
  • Syllabi and technical books to guide students


Why Use AGME Exams?

Exam Advantages

Our industry-leading examiners are well trained to handle your exam needs.
Can’t make an exam sitting? Simply video the exam (in one take) and send it to us.
We have a huge range of exam syllabi designed to suit your students need whether it be Contemporary, Classical, Jazz etc.
All exam reports are professionally typed and sent to the relevant studios.
Award concerts for all levels are held in Melbourne and Brisbane to acknowledge student success.
There is no need to start from the beginning, the AGME recognizes your previous exam results.

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