Music Careers

Careers in Music

  • Recording: Artists and repertoire specialists; recording artists; studio session musicians; writers and arrangers; record producers; studio engineers; technicians; managers; copyright and contract specialists; promoters and marketers; artists managers and agents; music archivists; performing rights specialists; radio plugging.
  • Live performance: Musical directors; instrumentalists; vocalists; writers/arrangers/composers/copyists; artists’ managers; booking agents; stage producers; stage managers; transportation personnel; instrument technicians and tuners; mixers/audio engineers, designers and technicians; lighting designers and technicians.
  • Computer software and multimedia: Producers; programmers and designers of music software packages for composition; performance and learning applications; producers; artists; programmers and designers of multi-media packages; artists and creators.


  • Music retail: Managers; marketing staff; sales and merchandising personnel; buyers; wholesalers and distributors.


  • Music publishing (notation): Licensing specialists; sample editors; copyists; editors; graphic designers.
  • Concert halls and venues: Composers; performers; programmers; administrative and management staff; catalogue compilers; stage managers; sound engineers; technicians; promoters; presenters; human, physical and financial resources staff.
  • Music publishing (licensing): Copyright/licensing specialists; marketers; promoters and distributors; managers


  • Music video: Writers/arrangers; designers; producers; technicians; licensing specialists; copyright specialists; sourcing personnel; sampling personnel.
  • Advertising: Jingle writers; specialist performers; musical directors; sourcing; sampling; copyright.


  • Music teaching: Schools (government and private); adult and continuing education; TAFE; higher education; private music teaching; studios and instrument shops.
  • Radio, film and television: Music programmers; music directors; music promoters; music video specialists; technical staff; composers/arrangers of film and radio scores; soundtrack producers; editors; mixers.
  • Music media: Music critics; programmers; musicologists/researchers; producers; music librarians; scriptwriters; commentators; music journalists and on air presenters.
  • Music therapy: Performers; programmers; music therapists.
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