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Musicology Certificates

Professional Development Short courses

12 weeks
January 25th 2023
May 17th 2023
September 6th 2023

3 Hours/Week* + Independent Study
Live Online
Flexible entry pathways

Musicology Certificate Options

Foundations for the Critical Study of Music

What You will learn

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of historical musical developments through the lens of the Western musical tradition.

  2. Define what is meant by cultural continuity and change in reference to music

  3. Connect key ideas in musical practice to related developments and issues in other arts, such as literature

  4. Articulate the nature and scope of exclusion in Western musical practice and ways to develop an inclusive musical culture.

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mode of delivery

Students are required to attend live online (timetabled) lectures and participate in tutorials as well as undertake self study online (un-timetabled) via resources provided. You will also have readings, exercises and assignments to do as well as an End of Term test and/or recital.


Your lectures are all pre-recorded. This lets you go at your own pace and watch the lecture or parts of it again if you need to. You can feel secure while you study that the content you need is at your finger tips and you can reach out to your lecturers and our professionals for further advice.

Tutorials give you the opportunity for interaction and to ask questions. This is done through LIVE-Online classrooms, pre-recorded tutorials or other forums where you submit questions, recordings or your other work. You get feedback from staff and at times, from other students

entry & admissions


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Recognition of Prior Learning:

Keen to study the Bachelor of Music but not sure you're ready to get started just yet?

Our certificate short courses work hand in hand with our Bachelor of Music units! That means upon completion of your short course you can apply your studies to credit towards the degree if you want to continue to study with AGME. 

We can also assess this previous studies to determine the best level of study for you!

We also give recognition to a wide range of studies including Graded Public Exams e.g. AGME, IPVAEB, ABRSM, Trinity College London, vocational studies and other tertiary music studies.

Fill out our online application form to get started! 

International Students

Our completely online delivery method means that our students can study with us from anywhere in the world! 

Students will need to meet required audition & academic standards and have an IELTS score of band 6.0 (5.5 considered with extra assessment).

The best part is that your instrumental tuition can be delivered in person in your home country or by LIVE-Online real-time teaching.

study options for everyone

Looking for something else? Our Bachelor of Music is fully accredited and can be studied from anywhere in the world.  All our pathway study options can be used to apply for RPL for the Bachelor of Music and are online and flexible for students. 
Piano player

Bachelor of 

Book of Chords



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