Jeffrey Wood

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May 20, 2018
Jeffrey Wood
Public Examiner Melbourne - BMus, Grad Dip, Cert IV W/Place Ass

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Director of Music Theory and Modern Music.
Jeffrey Wood. B Mus Guild; Grad.Dip.Guild; Adv.Dip.Guild; Dip.Mus; AAGM. LAGM,
Ex.Cert.AGM, Ex Lic AGM, Cert IV W/Pl ASS. Hon.FAGM. MAGTR. MACE.

Pianoforte Music College is a commercial music education facility that has been operating since 1975 and has a large staff of well qualified and experienced teachers,public examiners & musicians to suit all ages and levels.The Colleges founder and principal, Jeffrey A. Wood, heads the programming and coordination of all study work in the college. His experience as a public national & international examiner, session musician, and lecturer for the AGM:Ed Faculty of Music, has been passed on through the extensive teacher training and program the College uses to train its staff. The combined ideas and experiences are then passed on to each student through the unique program that has developed since the College’s conception.The College has seen many students over the years achieve fine results with Graduates moving into instrument teaching, tertiary teaching and general musicianship streams. Of course many have simply learnt to use their craft for personal or social enjoyment.

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