exams that put students first

Founded in 1969 out of the London College of Music, we offer graded exams in Music and Speech starting from preliminary, steps and grades progressing through to Licentiate and Public Performance Diplomas..

We accept Trinity, ABRSM, AMEB, ANZCA, St Cecilia and other syllabi. Or download our syllabus with no hidden costs. Affordably priced exams.

Held through the year either live or via video submission.

Music Performer


5 types of piano exams

We offer Classical, Light Classical, Contemporary, Performance and Jazz and Blues. Students have more choice to suit their preferences and strengths. The AMEB offers only two, Classical and Piano for Leisure.

diploma qualifications

Most of our piano exams offer full diploma qualifications (not just for classical exams). All are recognised by the QSA (Qld Studies Authority) so higher grades (4 and up) count towards the QLD Senior Certificate. 

Detailed exam reports

Our detailed electronic reports score each individual exam component with a mark, allowing students to see where marks were lost. We have used digital reports since 1996 for clarity and legibility.

exam Board with tertiary study

We're the only exam board in Australia to also offer full tertiary qualifications (Bachelor of Music, diplomas, certificates) backed by our academic experience. This is not offered by other exam boards.

diploma counts towards degree

Our diplomas can be used as credit towards our Bachelor of Music degree. Our full-time 3 year degree can reduce to 1.5 years. This is not offered by other exam boards.


We have graduation & awards ceremonies for students sitting exams from Prep to Grade 8 & Diploma levels, including students of distinction. Other exam boards do not offer graduations across all levels.

supporting students first​

Exams can be tailored to individual learning needs. Students can choose from an extensive repertoire selection, not limited by a particular style or genre. We offer flexible scheduling and are inclusive of special needs and disadvantaged learners. 


We understand the problem of examiners turning children off music due to unsupportive behaviour. As part of our Student First philosophy, our examiners are trained to support a young children through the examination experience.

fully recognised

Our exams are no less fully recognised than other exam boards and at lower grades than other exam boards. 


Syllabi not listed below is available upon request free from the Guild office as hard copies. Complete Publications Order form