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Music & Speech Exams

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Speech Exam Syllabi

Studying Outside

1: Speech and Drama Exam Syllabus

Giving a Lecture

4: Communication
and Public Speaking
Exam Syllabus

Public Speaker

7: Communication and Public Speaking for Small Groups
Exam Syllabus

Drama Class

2: Speech & Drama
Performance Exam Syllabus

Meeting Room Business

5: Communication, Public
Speaking for Business Exam Syllabus

Chalkboard with Different Languages

8: Spoken Language Development for Class or Group
Exam Syllabus

Poetry Reading

3: Integrated Drama Programmes Exam Syllabus

Communicating with Sign Language

6: Oral Communication (ESL) Exam Syllabus

Choir Performance

9: Choral Speaking for Class or Group
Exam Syllabus


Music Exam Syllabi


Solo Pianoforte, Piano Recital & Piano Performance Syllabus

More Music Exam Syllabi Coming Soon

Need copies of our older Syllabi?

To request copies of any of our older syllabi please reach out to and we will be able to assist you.