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Add to your existing skills or gain knowledge in a particular musical area with our short certificate courses. 1 term subjects that allow students to study specific level certificates in Musicianship, Music Technology, Composition and Musicology. Can be used as RPL towards further studies including the Bachelor of Music

Music Performer

musicianship certificates

Musicianship brings music alive by unlocking the foundations upon which our music system is built. 

This takes the student from the basics of theory, aural and diatonic harmony, through to complex dives into chromaticism, jazz harmony, serialism and how these are used in award winning popular music.

This discipline underpins all others and shapes our music making whether as performers, teachers or composers
Music Equipment

modern music creation

In the digital age, the opportunities for creating the organised sounds of music has expanded exponentially.

It has become faster and easier to put those thoughts into a communicable manner by using the technologies available to us. The Creative Process consists of Music Technology and Composition.

Discover how to compose music using score-based and recorded works through digital mediums
Sheet Music


Music is influenced by the culture that it reflects and everything around it. It is also an influencer, and permeates every aspect of the world that we live in.

We believe that every student needs to have a broad knowledge of the history of music and the music in society in order to inform their own performing, teaching and composing.

Upskill your knowledge with a deep look at history of music and collaborative studies and develop the tools to be able to explore any aspect of music that interests them or will inform their work. 

looking for something else?

We have study options for everyone! Our Bachelor of Music is fully accredited and can be studied from anywhere in the world. Also see our wide range of pathway courses including our Foundation Diploma of Music, Diploma of Music and specialised Licentiate Courses. All our pathway study options can be used to apply for RPL for the Bachelor of Music and are online and flexible for students. Click below to take a look.
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Diploma of

Book of Chords


Piano player

Bachelor of 

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