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ella evans

Michael de Huy


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I'm a 17 y.o composer, improviser and pianist. I really love cooking and fermenting as hobbies other than music, as well as having a general love for many forms of art, especially visual. I also really enjoy studying literature. Huge love for discussing my interests with other likeminded people, and I really want there to be more free improvisation in the world!

In this spatial composition, I incorporate various themes and harmonies I’ve worked with throughout the year. It begins using the dissonant polychord I used in my VCE music styles composition and throughout visits lydian progressions and chromatic functional harmony, though most importantly embodies an uncertain quality that ties the ideas together into the loose space. I imagine I’m walking through an empty gallery that showcases artistic moments in the year, sometimes in an abstract lens. It recalls a 2018 memory where a softly whispered piano piece filled the walls of the NGV one night-it was Bach’s Goldberg Variation no.25.

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