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Kaylah Thomas

Are the Angels

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I am a rural student within a little town in South Gippsland. I have always enjoyed performing- and have often sought out performance opportunities, both locally and in recent years within Melbourne. Coming from the country means opportunities to perform on large scales are limited. However, for the past three years, I have been a Principal Vocalist within the Victorian State School Spectacular- this has allowed me to mature as a performer. Last year I was fortunate enough to have a duet for the song, "Lost Stars".

However, as a passionate performer, I also dabble in the craft of songwriting. I enjoy developing my skills and seeking feedback- and see this competition as an opportunity to gain feedback on my songs. I believe my songs are often driven by emotions and real-life experiences- and I hope the composition I have submitted evokes thought.

My main instrument is the voice- however, I also play the piano. Music has been my salvation.

As school is nearly over for me (as I am in year 12) I am hoping to continue my passion for music at university.

Some of my music inspirations include Maggie Rodgers, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, Kate Bush, Lana Del Ray

'Are the Angles’, begins sparsely, I think this emphasis the turmoil the artist is experiencing symbolising the idea that they are in shock and vulnerable position. Similarly, the song concludes sparsely showing a circular story- which expresses the notion that the artist is stuck in a place of despair, and can't move forward. Towards the 2nd chorus high harmonies are present- and the heavy reverb on them make them atmospheric. They aim to be an outward representation of the characters inner agony. The addition of drums, electric guitar and a bass forebode growing anger as the lyrics sung by the artist reveal the haunting circumstances of the loss they have suffered. The songs music lines become fuller as the song approaches the 2nd chorus- and this helps create a climax that is further heightened by the emotive lyrics- highlighting the artists conflicting emotions. Additionally, the dynamic change also reinforces the new reality of the artist- cementing their new normal.

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