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ella evans

James Vassiliou

Before I Fall

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my name is james and I am a 17 year old Melbourne based musician and student. I started singing and playing the piano when I was pretty young but I never knew it was going to become a passion of mine until I began songwriting. Music has always been in my life and I hope it will remain that way, and hopefully I will be able to share my music with lots more people in the future.

I decided to make this song a very mellow and calming by constructing the basis of the piece with an acoustic guitar and layering different strumming patterns, thus creating a light rhythm. I also added things such as an electronic piano, harps, vocals to help bring out the tone of the guitar. I also wanted to layer vocals above the main vocal track in order to create a dreamy atmosphere

The song talks about feeling afraid and and how sometimes growing up is a scary thing, and thus I wanted the song help people remain calm and relate to what I am talking about in the lyrics so that they don't feel alone. With such a message I wanted to make the song feel calming and like a breath of fresh air, reminding people that everything will be ok and in time someone will catch you before you fall.

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