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Vivien Tran

Betrayed friendships

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I am a violinist and pianist. I am currently preparing for my Grade 8 AMEB exams on both instruments. At my school, I am in the PEGS Symphony Orchestra, the Infinity String Ensemble and the McNab String Quartet. I didn’t enjoy composing music until last year where I got to use notation software Sibelius for the first time as part of a music elective I was undertaking and have enjoyed it since.

The top violin part is playing the melody, which represents someone looking for a true friend. In contrast, the bottom violin part represents a potential friend; the pizzicato at the start representing no friendship formed, the arco part afterwards is the friendship which is made. When the melody of the top violin changes, the other violin part goes back to pizzicato to symbolise that the friend disappears when things get tough. When the melody comes back to the original, the accompanying violin plays in arco, trying to get the friendship back but it’s too late.

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