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ella evans

Gulliver Thompson

Blue Umbrella

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I've been playing the piano for roughly eight years and compose cinematic/orchestral/soundscape music. I often collaborate with other musicians and enjoy playing music live - especially jazz. I also write and create visual art.

The music I'm interested in writing and composing blends the styles of cinema and film scores, ambience, and sometimes the tones of 1930's-40's jazz and progressive rock.

Blue Umbrella is a piece written with the themes of intertwined genre complexity and musical intensity in mind. To keep the pace and originality fresh and fast-moving, the piece moves through various phrases that echo classical piano, Celtic/Irish folk music, classical jazz and cinematic orchestral music. The piece uses a large variety of instruments to assist with these multiple modes and tones displayed through the piece, which accumulate to create a fast-paced, intense and hopefully enjoyable listening experience – and I certainly hope you enjoy.

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