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ella evans

Jay Millar

Close The Gates

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I'm a student in year 8 and I have being making music for awhile. I have taught myself guitar, bass and piano and I learn drums. I love thrash metal and punk rock but this year I decided to have a "pop" approach to my music as it would have a wider audience to spread my messages to. I think music and songs should be about important things like racism, equality, war, poverty, unfairness and things like that not just cheap overproduced love songs. I write and record all my own music in my bedroom by myself and I run my own independent record label for my friends and I to release our music. I would love to be some sort of professional musician as I think a lot of influences today are fake and are just doing it for the money not for the music and message.

I use jangly guitars with a punchy bass complimented by fast drums drenched in reverb. My vocal has reverb on it and a simple chord progression.

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