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ella evans

Alexander Segal

Electronic Pancakus

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I'm 11 years old and I play the piano and the viola. I enjoy composing works for the piano, chamber music, EDM, and game music. My favourite composers are Mozart, Bach, and Chopin.

In 2019 I self-published _'10 Before 10'_ a collection of 10 pieces for the piano. _'Sneak Kiddy'_ and _'Theo is a Cat' _have been premiered at student recitals and ‘ _Rondo_ ’ has been workshopped by a string quartet.

I attend Virtual School Victoria and my favourite subjects are Chemistry, Maths Methods, and French. I love cooking treats and my goal for 2020 is to build my own computer from scratch. I have two rabbits, Buttercup and Dimples. They inspire many of my pieces.

A _‘Pancakus’_ (PAN-cake-us) is a name for when a rabbit lies down as flat as a pancake. The bunny is happy, relaxed, and ready for gentle pats.

I made two leitmotifs and altered them throughout the piece. The first leitmotif represents the ‘ _Pancakus’_ and was mostly improvised. The sequence of notes D-F-G-G#-G-F-D and D-F-G-G#-B-C-B-G#-G-F-D appear in the 2nd leitmotif. This represents the active bunny moving around. Upwards chromatic movement in the bass builds tension and helps drive the music forward. The sustained melody line in the middle section creates contrast.

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