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ella evans

Zac Laver-May


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I am a young hip-hop/rap artist aspiring to reach amazing heights. I use my life as inspiration, growing up with a single mother and all the things that have happened from that, the passing of my father, mental health (topics such as depression and anxiety) and overcoming the obstacles thrown in life. I also create fun music to just let go and have a good time. I aspire to help shine a light on Australian rap in the mainstream, looking up to fellow Aussie artists like The Kid LAROI. My goal is to, through my music, show people who have lived through similar experiences as me, that they are not alone and things get better.

This is a rap song which consists of 3 beat switches. The first one focuses on my childhood story, the death of my father who passed away by taking his own life. The next few beat switches showcase my artistic versatility with a large energetic delivery and fun flow. In this piece I showcase my lyrical ability, as I talk about a deep topic with an entertaining flow while maintaining an artistic style with the other sub-genres of rap provided. This is a long song, however it is art which describes a story which can be appreciated and related to.

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