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ella evans

Jay Millar

Fake It (acoustic)

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I'm a student in year 8 and I have being making music for awhile. I have taught myself guitar, bass and piano and I learn drums. I love thrash metal and punk rock but this year I decided to have a "pop" approach to my music as it would  have a wider audience to spread my messages to. I think music and songs should be about important things like racism, equality, war, poverty, unfairness and things like that not just cheap overproduced love songs. I write and record all my own music in my bedroom by myself and I run my own independent record label for my friends and I to release our music. I would love to be some sort of professional musician as I think a lot of influences today are fake and are just doing it for the money not for the music and message.

This song has a tight drums beat with a steady bass. In this version of the song I used acoustic guitars and minimal effects. In this song I sing about how a lot of teens my age and in my class are so phoney and fake, and how they complain about really privileged things like when their parents don't give them enough pocket money even though they have done nothing all day and don't even think about chores. And how they will make it in life because they have the money even though so many other people deserve the chances and deserve things that these spoilt kids take for granted.

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