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ella evans

Elizabeth Ives

Fractured Hearts

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I'm Liz, I'm 17 and I've been writing songs on a piano I don't really know how to play for forever. I've played drum kit since I was 10 years old, and that, as well as my dad's love of rock music, has always been a big influence in the types of music I listen to, and now the types of sound I try to come up with when I'm workshopping a song. I recently picked up guitar so that I could easily play and sing along to my favourite songs, and it was because of this that I started to write a lot more (often late at night, and annoying every other person in my house - although now I record in my parents relatively soundproof wardrobe). I'm rubbish at music theory but I've got a decent ear. I also have a cat who absolutely hates my guitar.

I'm a big lover of rock music, and so despite not having an electric guitar, I wanted to include those classic electric guitar riffs (albeit greatly simplified) especially throughout the bridge. I built the drum kit throughout the song as this also tends to be one of the conventions of rock – my bridge and my final chorus were always going to be the biggest parts of my song, especially in terms of vocals. While I only have on acoustic guitar, I wanted the illusion of a bass, and so I layered riffs underneath picking patterns, underneath strumming.

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