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ella evans

Jonathan Ferdinanto

Gymnopedie Remix

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I'm just a young bloke passionate for music. I have some classical background in playing piano and flute, and I've messed around here and there with composition before but it really was just a hobby; I don't really know much theory, I just make decisions based on whether I like something or I don't. This competition to me is just to see how I fare against other young Victorians, and if I win, I think it would be the boost of confidence I need to take my hobby to the next step. But the best thing that could happen is if people can hear and enjoy my music.

I took Erik Satie's Gymnopedie no. 1 and decided to sample it for this lo fi hip hop track. The rain served as ‘vinyl crackle’; a convention of the lo fi hip hop genre. I wanted to give a more gleeful feel yet still maintaining Satie’s peaceful emotions in his piece, so I rose the tempo, syncopated the melody and bounced the left-hand accompaniment more. The vintage drumkit added to the lively bounce of the track. I eq’d off the “highs” in the middle section to make it sound like the track was going underwater, and mellowed back the vibe by taking out the drums, then brought it back to the lively section again.

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