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Gemma O'Toole

Leave it all alone (demo)

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My name is Gemma Bean and I am currently completing year 12 at Northcote High School in Melbourne's inner-north. I have been involved in my school's music program since year 7, and met the two bandmates of my rock band 'Stamp' when I was in year 8, which was a stroke of luck given the fact that I started high school knowing zero people having moved from the Gold Coast a week before my first day. I've written songs forever; music has always been my outlet. I wrote a song on the 13th of August and decided to make a demo for it layering voice memo tracks on my phone with my friend Antho from my rock band. I would love to be able to professionally record this song once we are out of lockdown as I am so pleased with how this turned out having worked on it for only a few hours over a couple of days. This is my first demo (and first ever original song online) of many I plan to complete as a creative outlet in quarantine.

Due to the limitations recording on and iPhone in isolation placed me under, I decided to record this song live, the original track just me and my acoustic guitar, on one of the first times I ran through the song. This was about 10 minutes after I finished it. Antho and I are both bassists and drummers so we tracked down some live parts from each of our phones and onto Logic. The guitar breakdown and fade-out at the end was the first part added to the song after I wrote it. It really is amazing what can be done with so little when given the time. I hope you like my demo for my first ever song :)

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