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ella evans

Michael de Huy

leaving childhood

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I'm a 17 y.o composer, improviser and pianist. I really love cooking and fermenting as hobbies other than music, as well as having a general love for many forms of art, especially visual. I also really enjoy studying literature. Huge love for discussing my interests with other likeminded people, and I really want there to be more free improvisation in the world!

Romanticised themes of childhood and relevant coming of age feelings in my final year of highschool inspired this work. The character and spirit of childhood curiosity is captured through ever-changing tonalities through the many modulations along with the simple accompanimental figure. The refusal to remain in one key evokes the stubborn blissfulness of childhood. The final line contrasts in this respect, with a static F major dismissive of other chords’ invitations to modulate. This mirrors the quintessential discipline of postchildhood in interest of practicality, as the F major must remain stagnant to practically end the piece in an established key.

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