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ella evans

Jasmine Lai

Lockdown Vibes

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I am a young pianist, percussionist and composer. I am studying piano from Glenn Riddle, percussion from Sergei Golovko and composition from Tony Gould. I love interpreting music using either piano or marimba as there are a lot of different possibilities to perform the music. As a composer, I get a lot of inspirations from different composers through understanding the different genre of music. In terms of my music achievement, I was awarded AMUSA (Piano) in 2019 and was winners of MSV Piano Competition (12 years and under in 2016 and 15 years and under in 2020), a winner of Australian Marimba Competition (Australian and New Zealand Student section in 2019) and was one of winners in Artology Fanfare Composer Competition 2019.

My piece "Lockdown Vibes" starts off with an exciting happy motif in F major to describe the happiness of going out before lockdown. Then the next section is when things started to change- when lockdown started, everyone was a bit disappointed, so this phrase is in a minor key. Then, the next couple of phrases have polyphony between the parts and it accelerates into a relief of the last section, which is in E major. It represents the time once we get out of lockdown, the happy motif and life goes back to normal once again.

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