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Mia Jeffers

Love Of Grace

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I'm a 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, my pop music is an insight into my life and what I am feeling and thinking about. My songs are like diary entries because I have never had the attention span for a diary. My music is reminiscent of pop music from when I was younger.

I have ADHD and I have always struggled with school, writing my own songs was the first time I felt like I could focus on something and helped with my anxiety around school. For me, the writing and recording of a song is a therapeutic process and lets me put all my struggles behind me, I think I am a much happier person because of my music.

Love Of Grace is a really personal song so I wanted to play the piano myself even though I have only very basic skills, this was to create a personal and raw sound that complimented my vocals. I used a lot of back up vocals to add to the emotion of the song and add the swelling sound which captured the loneliness I was conveying through the lyrics. This was also backed up by the strings which built up to a climax at the end of the song where I was feeling the most helpless.

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