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Jacinta Dinh


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I am a Year 9 student at MGGS, where composition is one of my hobbies along with debating, writing and reading books. I had been learning classical Violin since the age of 5, and classical piano since the age of 4, which allowed me to learn other styles as well.

The main melody in the chorus of my composition, has the same aura as Harry Style's “Watermelon Sugar”, where it is played in a calm R&B style. This light and pop-style chorus contrasts the more solemn nature of the verses. The pre-chorus sounds more unusual and unique as I was having some trouble trying to keep a consistent key, so the transitions are different to many other components of compositions I have previously done. In my opinion these contrasts make the piece more interesting all together. However, if you focus on certain parts individually, they can sound unrelated and distinct in their own ways due to the key changes between E flat major and B flat minor. The story of the song is that of a love story. Someone is in a relationship and believes that the other person can fix everything and believes that they are their “medicine”. I relate to this as I have a close family member who always helps me through the rougher times and is always there for me. Another perk of this song
is that it can be applied to many situations as each listener can interpret it in their own unique way.

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