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Jasmine Lai

Night Thoughts

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I am a young pianist, percussionist and composer. I am studying piano from Glenn Riddle, percussion from Sergei Golovko and composition from Tony Gould. I love interpreting music using either piano or marimba as there are a lot of different possibilities to perform the music. As a composer, I get a lot of inspirations from different composers through understanding the different genre of music. In terms of my music achievement, I was awarded AMUSA (Piano) in 2019 and was winners of MSV Piano Competition (12 years and under in 2016 and 15 years and under in 2020), a winner of Australian Marimba Competition (Australian and New Zealand Student section in 2019) and was one of winners in Artology Fanfare Composer Competition 2019.

The lyric is originally my poem and I make my music to make a song. This is my first time to compose a song. My poem is as follows:

Night Thoughts

Once on a winter cold night

Sitting restlessly

Mystery waits tomorrow

My eyes droop, the moon goes high.

The day disappears, the night comes,

Playing tunes quietly

My mind falls asleep with many thoughts

I fall down to a nought

My restling fear then comes to me

When I doubt tomorrow,

My head burns, my heart aches

And I’m deeply filled with sorrow.

And on that winter, cold night

Sitting as the hours go by

Sometimes sad and freezing

When I look at the sky

Lu lu lu lu lu lu lu

Lu lu lu lu lu lu

And by the end of the day

My dreams are far away.

By Jasmine Lai

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