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ella evans

Vivien Tran

Online learning: the violin duet

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I am a violinist and pianist. I am currently preparing for my Grade 8 AMEB exams on both instruments. At my school, I am in the PEGS Symphony Orchestra, the Infinity String Ensemble and the McNab String Quartet. I didn’t enjoy composing music until last year where I got to use notation software Sibelius for the first time as part of a music elective I was undertaking and have enjoyed it since.

Since transitioning to online learning for the past 6 months, I have had to use Google meet for all my classes. Sometimes when people entered a google meet, it would make a ‘C’ sound in concert pitch, so I decided to make the key of my composition in C major. I tried to convey a light-hearted mood in my composition, which is representative of everyone trying to make the best of the online experience and staying positive throughout. The slight modulation symbolises the challenges that online learning can have such as internet connection issues.

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