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ella evans

Michael de Huy

reminiscing, reminisced

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I'm a 17 y.o composer, improviser and pianist. I really love cooking and fermenting as hobbies other than music, as well as having a general love for many forms of art, especially visual. I also really enjoy studying literature. Huge love for discussing my interests with other likeminded people, and I really want there to be more free improvisation in the world!

An ethereal miniature that aims to encompass the enchanting though uncertain world of memories. Through employing fluid and gentle chromaticism that increases throughout the piece and interweaves between the minor tonality, uncertainty of the validity of memories is represented. Through simple polyphony and consistent rhythmic motor between the voices, a prancing and unraveling character is depicted, personified as a dancer that represents both imagination and memories. This character appears conflicted between the two worlds, not knowing its name and origin - it graces and weeps. To what extent are our memories a product of distortion and bias, or even pure imagination?

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