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ella evans

Isikeli Volavola


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I am 16 years old and am a big fan of old school RnB/soul/hip hop songs. Funk and Neo-soul are my favourite genres of music and three of my top artists are Prince, D'Angelo and Maxwell. PhonyPpl are my most listened to band at the moment because of how they blend genres together seamlessly and I would like to see more of those types of songs in the future. Music is a passion of mine and is something I hope I'll enjoy doing well into adulthood.

The tracks main elements are the bass and the syncopated piano chords that, along with the drums, drive the song and make it feel very upbeat The harpsichord and vibraphone melodies serve their own purpose, with the vibraphone melody indicating that the song is in the verse section and the harpsichord melody (along with the organ chords) indicating the song is in the chorus section. certain instruments are panned to make way for the bass, with the piano being panned slightly left and the melodies and hi-hats being panned slightly to the right.

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