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Serena Su


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Hi, My name is Serena Su. I am a musician who plays cello, piano and the harp. I've had many years of music theory and composition. I love singing and participate in the school senior choir. I completed my LTCL (Licentiate of Trinity College London Harp Recital) exam on the harp in 2019, my Associate diploma on the cello in 2017 and I am aiming for my FTCL exam for the cello (which was supposed to occur this year). In 2017, I also completed my Grade 5 Music Theory examination and grade 6 Musicianship examination with AMEB. Since then, I have thought of alternative ways of expressing my passion for music instead of my usual music performance. Hence, I have a couple of compositions I would love to share. I recently picked up the Saxophone to explore this passion of music as well.

When I was composing, I thought about dreams and passions. One of my passions is music and when I am performing music on any of my instruments, I envision a blank room where I can draw the musical line and melody. This reminds me of shooting stars that flow and glow throughout the sky at night and ended up being my inspiration for this song. I have submitted a Sibelius recording of my composition, along with the score, however, unfortunately, the words cannot be heard, but the melody line is there. I hope you enjoy my composition!!

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