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ella evans

Lydia Biegler

Sunflower Child

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Hi I am Lydia I’m fourteen years old from Melbourne. I love to sing and do performing arts. I write my own music and before quarantine I used to go busking. I do musical theatre too (Young Australian Broadway Chorus). Music makes me happy and it helps me to express myself. I do singing lessons at my school and I am a self-taught pianist. I did have piano lessons up til grade 2 but since then I use Google to teach myself piano chords. I hope to be able to record my original songs and go busking in the city. When I finish school I want to do something in the arts (I also like visual arts!).

I wrote Sunflower Child because near the end of last year a girl at my school passed away from an epileptic seizure. I knew her quite well as we did the school play together and she was only in year 7. Her death made me really sad and that inspired me to write a song about her in memory of her. It’s called Sunflower Child because her favourite colour was yellow and I hope to win first prize to record the song and give a finalised copy to her family.

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