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ella evans

Lucie-Jayne Mclaren


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Hey my name is Lucie, I am 15 and I really enjoy writing and producing my own music. I have a soundcloud page thats under 'Goos!e' and in the past month after i released my first song I have never felt better. Music has and always will be my passion, when i'm not writing i'm either out with my friends or stuck in my bedroom because of Covid.

I wrote Temptation about how I felt trapped in my own mind and how it would always get the better of me, how I couldn't make up my mind if I tried and the extreme heartbreak I felt when my boyfriend left me for someone else. This was my only outlet for my emotions at the time, being trapped at home made me really sit down and think about what I was doing and that was when I started writing and producing "Temptation"

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