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ella evans

Jack Delaney

The Sound of the Glade

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I'm a year 12 student from Victoria. While completing VCE, I also undertake a Certificate III course in Music Industry (Sound Design). The music I compose and produce spans orchestral, rock and dance genres. Some of my primarily dance focused music can be found on Soundcloud under the name DJ JD.

My submission is orchestral based, I composed the piece with the idea of a film score in mind. I have attempted to evoke a feeling of awe and wonder in the piece as the composition grows from a sparsely populated track of only a flute and piano into a full, warm and thick climax, which only grows and more of the orchestra joins. This climax attempts to envelop the audience and draw them into the piece. The composition falls away into another intricate lull before reaching a greater climax with more intensity and energy.

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