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ella evans

Cari Scharl


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I'm a very creative person who is captivated by many forms of art, one of my favourites being music. I've studied music both through school and independently for about the past six years and am looking forward to being able to focus on it again more after year 12. Over the past few years, I have been wanting to upload more of my music online but have been nervous about sharing it. Part of the reason I really wanted to enter this competition was to expand my comfort zone so I can perform and share my music more in the future.

A lot of the artistic choices I made revolved around the narrative of the song, which follows the narrator’s struggle with anxious thoughts and identity. At the beginning, the lyrics are marked by a sense of optimism and eagerness, which is complemented by the brighter sound of the guitar and synth bursts. As doubt creeps into the narrative voice over detaching themselves from their thoughts, the texture becomes denser and instruments lower in register are introduced. At the climax of the song, solo guitar lines are introduced bringing more energy, reflecting the struggle with accepting the role of negative emotions.

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